MLH: Blockchain basis: Intro to Quorum


About this Event

During this workshop, students will learn the basics of blockchain technology, what this means for the future of the internet, what makes Quorum different, and how to interact with your own decentralized application built on the Quorum network.

Quorum is an open source fork of the Ethereum blockchain based on the Go Ethereum implementation, developed by J.P. Morgan. Quorum is ideal for any application requiring high speed and high throughput processing of private transactions within a permissioned group of known participants. Quorum addresses specific challenges to blockchain technology adoption within the financial industry and beyond.

By interacting with the codebase of a fully-functional decentralized application, participants will learn the structure of a dApp and how to write functions in Solidity, the Contract-Oriented language. They will leave the workshop understanding how all of these pieces fit together.

Level: Intermediate
Subjects: Quorum, Blockchain, Smart Contracts

Participants will be required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet and run the following software:

System Requirements:

MacOS, Linux, or Windows 8 or higher

Participants should be fairly comfortable installing packages and software on their computers, navigating the command line, and reading code in the language of their choice.

Participants will need to install Docker to run the Quorum network and work with nodejs.

When Mon Feb 4 6:30pm — 7:30pm
Where Common Area
Categories Class | Information Technology


Cost: Free


Not interested in the class myself, but I do want to say I like your use of the Sign Up Image in the post, with the class details. I realize it’s just a link to the event itself, but it really does feel like an easy way to sign up for a class. kudos.