Mixing greens ...

Pear, 50/50 Pear and Rainforest, Rainforest. Blend isn’t quite as pretty a green as Coyote Peacock Green.


Is the coyote peacock the one on the right?

No, that’s Rainforest. I used up my jar of peacock. It’s more of a clear grass green. And maybe a smidge more opaque. And not food-safe (although none of my stuff is meant for food). My ironic thought is that you can’t get that pretty a green in a food safe glaze.

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Haven’t tried Peacock, but Amaco Jade Celadon is pretty nice, and food safe.


Will note this one requires a good amount of texture, doesn’t end up looking great on flatter stuff. That looks amazing though nice job

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Thank you, true, celadons look best on texture.