Mitre Saw ( and useless characters to fulfill an arbitrary rule )

I was up at the space to work on a project last night. Much to my surprise, the mitre saw in the wood shop was gone. I was told it was broken and I assume it is out for repairs.

Is there an estimate on when it might be back ?



Yes, it is broken. Somehow the blade guard is shattered. It is headed to the Festool repair center. Usually a week to ten days.

The Kapex (miter saw) will be accompanied by the Detail Sander and the Domino 500.

The miter saw is not the only way to cross cut, if you want help with some other options, send me a PM and we can meet to show other methods.


I think you helped me last night with the slide on the table saw.

I was just wondering when the miter saw would return. It may not be the only way, but it is my preferred way.

Looking forward to it’s return to service.

Thanks !