Miter box for hacksaw or (hand held portable) bandsaw

Dear all,
Under the current circumstances, I am exploring some options for my most frequently used tools at DMS.
I end up cutting 1" extruded aluminium at 45 deg. fairly frequently.
Do you have any suggestions on a miterbox I could use with a hancksaw?
I am also contemplating purchasing a battery powered portable bandsaw.

thanks much for your ideas,


I love and have used extensivly the portable bandsaw and SWAG Offroad table combo

You can also get a miter gauge and do all of your angled cutting needs.

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Thank you. This looks promising.

Three boards screwed together in a U. Cut a guide slot thru the verticals at the desired angle. Here’s an image I pulled off the Intertoobs.

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Thank you.
When next I have access to the appropriate tools, I was thinking about making basically this item, except cut out of a 4" steel U channel.

Wood would be better, IMHO. Steel would dull the saw teeth due to friction in the guide, while wood would just wear a bit and eventually get sloppier. At that point, just cut a new guide slot.

Aluminum U channel might be a middle ground, though setting up the initial guide cut is easy in wood with a table saw or sliding miter saw.

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This would be okay for a hacksaw blade as it has very little kerf, but any type wood saw with their wide kerf that is used removed material much more than a hacksaw will ruin those blades fast.

This combination has worked great.
I am debating getting a wood cutting blade after discovering how easy this set up is to use.

thanks much