Missing Verizon Mifi

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There was a white box set aside in the computer committee area which had a Verizon MIFI.

This is property of Mr. Cooper and had not been onsite until 5:30pm last night. Between 5:30 and 8pm is the known time window that this was around.

Before leaving the premises I did look through the crap that was to be thrown out by the computer committee and the stuff that Digital moved into the back just to be sure. This has not been shown on the lost and found shelf when checked.

As this is property of my employer and not myself, the two committees nor on loan in anyway to the dallas makerspace it is imperative that it is found.

If we are able to review camera footage then that would be helpful too.

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This shouldn’t be a ticket, it should just be a regular post for lost and found, as it is your property, not DMS property. We can see if anyone has seen it around.

I am moving it to the proper location.

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I think Freddy may be able to help you with getting the footage.

It was mixed in with audio equipment if that’s the box I’m thinking of, which means it is now in the warehouse with the rest of the audio equipment for digital media. Since it is small, it most likely ended up in the white tub on the pallet with the midi keyboards and amp. I will check the pallet when I come in tonight, and if found I will place it on the lost and found shelf.