Missing tools for glue up

Has anyone seen my other half??
I may look like an ordinary PVC pipe, but I am actually part of a glue up tool in the Woodshop, a tool which allows clamps to go beneath wood being glued.
Alone I’m not worth much. Please return my partner - I’m lonesome and useless without my other half.

And they need me for classes!


If it doesn’t turn up there is some pvc scrap over by the new warehouse sink. It’s a lot shorter, but if it works you can use it.

Hi Mike, that is my doing. I thought it was some of what I had stored in the racks for the tool holders on the new lathe partitions. I used some on Saturday. I’ll get it replaced tomorrow. Sorry!



A better reason than just disappeared

I used the other pvc we had for glue up so no worries