Missing large socket

About two weeks ago I was able to use a large socket to remove the castle nut off my wheel hub and today I am unable to find the correct size socket in the drawer. Should be something like 1 5/16 or so. when the great socket migration happened do we know if that migrated as well? Or perhaps someone misplaced it when they were using it. I’ll keep looking but if anybody knows anything about it please ping this thread. Trying to change out my CVs today if possible.

Wednesday evening is when the “migration” occured along with the addition of the new sockets and additional tools.

There is (was) a red plastic case with axle nut sockets in it that may have ended up in the right side cabinet (vertical door).

Please put whatever tools you use back (clean) where they belong (don’t be like most and just leave them “anywhere”)

I found one that worked for me, could even be the same one. I’ll be put everything back where I found it, and clean :slightly_smiling_face:


But wait!
In the past incomplete socket sets were discarded and replaced w/ new complete sets.
It’s more efficient! :wink:

Sounds like a good use of the Freebie Shelf.

Sadly the dumpster was used.
Guess that takes care of any inurement issues.