Missing electrical pieces from anodizer

Before the pandemic I had bought a small black tool bag from Harbor Freight and placed all the tools for our anodizer in there. Somehow during the move it may be wakeley that nobody realized what they were and they got transferred somehow to another committed either science or electronics are the best cash.

What is missing is servo single chord with an electrical ground plug-in on one side and something on the other end it might be I believe there was a special trainer in there and some masking special decorative masking tape. Kin folks check around and see if these are wandering around the space in the wrong committed. I am putting together a list so we can reorder them but if somebody else has them and they don’t know what they are we need to save the money for I just discovered this because it seems like I was the main teacher I was the main teacher of the niobium anodizing and I hadn’t talked to class for quite a while J to everything going on in my life. That’s all everybody for looking for a man let us know if you find them so I don’t send the list

Wait, we have an anodizing system? Can someone kindly show me where abouts? Would LOVE to learn more

I think this is limited to titanium. Possibly some other artistic metals use. But absolutely not aluminum. We don’t have the proper ability to handle the waste stream.

Good to know, thank you. Where is the anodizer located? Are there any scheduled tours or classes planned?

Last I recall the system was used for aluminium, but the waste stream is why we stopped.

Titanium doesn’t need much special; just a variable DC power supply and something as a medium (I use baking soda nowadays)

The setup we have in jewelry it’s primarily for anodizing niobium are titanium. Titanium needs an excellent and at some point in time when we get enough of interest will make up the exit for far we haven’t had pictures of classes in the Nairobi of oxidizing and as soon as we get some replacement tools I will put one up on the schedule. Niobium are very easy to anodize but the metal itself is not cheap. We do not do aluminum because aluminum takes some nasty chemicals that we don’t want to have to worry about getting rid of the niobium does not and the ancient we we will have for titanium is a non dangerous one. You can get some colors on titanium without itching mainly Browns and I actually use it I actually want to use it on a lot of my titanium ear wash for my comfort jewelry since the brown matches the copper better.