Missing Ceramics Ladder


The ladder we use to access the kiln staging shelves is no longer in our area.

I did walk the space looking for it and have not been able to locate it.

If you have moved the ladder would you please return it to the Ceramics area.

Thank you!

Found it in metal shop. Moved it over for you


Rumor has it there was some excitement over there last nite. :astonished:


I have one of the three step with handrail ladders ( of which there are two at the space already ).

It turned out not to work for the project for which I obtained it. I can try to get it to the space next week sometime if some committee wants it.


I’m sure it can be used in several areas.

Thank you very much Justin. It appeared in the shop after the excitement and I didn’t know who’s it was. I apologize for not returning it.

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Maybe post that in a separate thread? Metal Shop doesn’t ordinarily need a ladder, and the fancy ladder Ceramics owns went in to be able to get close to the overhead filter that was burning. I’d kind of like to have a ladder in the galley, but I’d probably need to get @Team_Logistics permission for that bigger footprint ladder. There have been nice folding ladders in the galley on and off, but departments/persons keep borrowing them and forgetting to bring them back.