Minecraft Server! [Computer Based]

Recently I decided to host a vanilla minecraft server and I am open to inviting more players to hop on soooo if you’re interested drop a comment!

Fun Facts
-As I said, vanilla. Can accommodate up to 100 players though currently we only have about 9.
-General rules. Don’t grief/be a jerk/steal
-No major redstone farms at spawn and limit one farm per chunk. Redstone can DRAG a server down and I’m paying for this solely (and happy to do so) so thats my Mean Mod rule.
-It’s survival.
-Kids 16 and up are welcome but as this is not targeted to be kid friendly. So your kid might see a swear or two.
-We have a discord!

Feel free to ask any questions, make any comments, or share any concerns!

and if this sounds like something you’re up for Come on down and join GoblinCraft!


I punched a tree!


Sounds like fun - I’ll hop on tonight.