Milling Machine for sale

Milling Machine - JET- JTM

JTM-4VS-1 Mill With ACU-RITE VUE DRO and X and Y-Axis Powerfeeds. Variable Speed Milling Machines provide consistent and reliable operation. The milling machine was purchased for a small business, but plans have changed. The worm head gear needs to be replaced. We do not have the equipment to remove the head and replace. The parts from Jet will cost 150.00. The mill comes with extras, we have more pictures to email.

We are asking $4,500.00

Questions about the seller, ask Makers Space Member- Russell Ward
Contact Information:
Carl and Lauren Martin
phone: 817-962-9280
email: [email protected]

See link below for information regarding the milling machine

The machine is on a pallet and comes with tie downs for transport

I will be happy to answer questions or get more information for anyone interested.

Russell Ward

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