Miller TIG syncrowave 250- gas won't flow 9/19/2020

Three of us tried today to get this big tig welder to work. We could not get the gas to flow no matter what we tried. Suspect the solenoid might be stuck


I’ll try to take a look today; if I can’t @TBJK or @procterc either of you able to?

@Steve_Southwell you’re hooked into the gas manifold and the valve is open correct? The Syncrhowave wasn’t hooked in last I checked

@procterc walked back there a few minutes ago.

Yeah it was hooked up and the manifold valve was on. We tried fiddling with the regulator as well.

It has been fixed. The regulator was replaced.

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The regulator was replaced by Marcel


Nice! Thanks Marcel!

@mmcclain for the win.