Metallic Foil on Dye Sublimation items

Is there a way to add metallic foil to dye sublimation items like mugs and tumbler that it will actually stay on through the dishwasher? I’ve done some basic googling, but I’m just getting a lot of results about tshirts and forums asking how to do this with no consensus on an answer.

You might want to ask in some of the tumbler making groups, they may know. They put thick layers of epoxy on their items that might work with foil. I know they sometimes use fabric on the tumblers, I have one like that, with glitter on top of that. And lots of epoxy. :slight_smile:

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Glitter and epoxy are my next option, but I was hoping for a method that didn’t involve quite so much labor on my part.

The metallic vinyls are surprisingly convincing and could be done on top of the dye sub? Idk if the dye sub coating would hold up to firing a China paint on there

I don’t think they would, and I know my alcohol ink pigments probably won’t. Vinyl’s not a bad idea, but I think to keep it on there long term I’d have to epoxy which is more labor than I’d like to put in for these.