Metal working project

I need to cut 40 angle irons (1/8" thick, about 23.75" long) OR more ideally, cut some aluminum sheet metal (rounded edges) and bend it in 90 degree angles to make shelves that screw into some electronics racks. I’m curious if a membership here will have the tools to do that? I also need to punch the holes for the screws and to make sure the edges are smooth (doesn’t have to be super pretty, but a decent looking edge would be nice). I can buy all materials and bring them up there. Would a member be interested in training me on how to do that? I can send pictures if helpful.

These sound like questions for Charlie @procterc and the machine shop guys and/or metal shop guys.

You should get your green dot if you’re a member:

Metals4uonline has aluminum and steel angle and we have a cold saw to cut it, or you could order cut to length. you would probably need to drill the holes, no big deal on the drill press.

They have a big selection of short pieces, worth a trip, near I35 and 183.

I don’t have time to make the parts but can show you how to cut it and drill the holes Saturday afternoon or next week during the day.

  • What is the 1/8" thickness of the material for iron and aluminum (you refer to both)?
  • Machine Shop has Cold Cut saws that will make short work of cutting the angle iron or aluminum extrusions.
  • Holes can be made on the drill press or knee mills, a simple quick hand debur will clean them up and a counter sink will allow the screw heads to sit flush.
  • Sheet metal really isn’t an option, we have a CNC plasma cutter that can cut all of the pieces at once, including the holes. However, our brakes will not handle 1/8" steel for and probably not aluminum so you won’t be able to form the angle. So you are probably going to have to go with an angle extrusion.

Not sure what you are referring to when you say “cut some aluminum sheet metal (rounded edges)” If you mean the strips of aluminum have a radiused end where they bent to make the angle, that can be done on the brake, If you are referring to a to a radius along the outside edges, we really could do the easily on thin material. If it is the edge, then buy extrusions as they can come with a radiused edge (quarter round not full radiused)

A picture of one of the pieces would help.

Hope this helps.