Metal Shop Welding Gas Moving Outside

Being less familiar with all the nuances of current operating systems, I’m going to make sure I know how it works tonight, so that I can be informed before my classes tomorrow. I should be back in Metal Shop from 2-ish until 9-ish tomorrow. You can drop in during the safety class (starts at 5pm), although it’s probably better if you were there a smidge early, and we could just address that point quickly. Or, sometime between 6 and 7.

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The post a few up from yours is about as descriptive as it gets. All the bottles outside etc are abstracted away from the user. The regulator adapters etc are the same as what one would see on a normal tank.

The big TODO is better labeling of the lines (right now there is some writing on the wall as to which is which). @patrickpleez1 I could use some help for that actually.

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I was thinking about these. I just hadn’t got around to order them yet. I looked around for AR/CO2 but couldn’t find anything.

yeah we should get some of those. We could probably make one for the 72/25 mix gas.

man we really need to update that page

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