Metal shop recommendation in South Dallas or

Since the Makerspace is closed, I’m looking for recommendations for a reputable metal shop that can make simple metal part for me out of angle-stock.
(really, just a 6-inch piece of angle stock with three holes in it)

Or… if anyone has the ability to make this for me… would be willing to negotiate price for materials and time. Pretty sure that, other than the metal stock of the right type and length, all that would be needed is the drill press …

Please let me know!

Thank you and stay safe everyone!


Whoever you hire don’t even look at Big D Tool Center. They have screwed up almost every order my company has put in for prototype work on a new tool we’re developing. Ignoring tolerances, swapping out fasteners to what they have handy instead of what’s specified, straight up just not bending sheet metal parts into the right shape. Absolutely abysmal work quality and no ownership of their fuckups.

Any recommendations for a good place?

Unfortunately no I have pretty limited contact with the fabrication side of things. Most of our contracts are fulfilled by big corporate suppliers.