Metal Shop Committee Meeting 9-7-19

It was brought up in another thread, but I thought I would put a reminder out there that the Committee meeting and Maintenance/Cleanup is this Saturday at Noon. I would like this to be a formal invite to come see the committee. All Makerspace members are welcomed. Please come & join us. You do not have to know anything about metal working, or you can know a lot about metal working.

As said in the other topic, These days we give impromptu welding instruction to those who volunteer to help.


I’ll be out of town this weekend, so please assign all my tasks to @procterc. :slight_smile:

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Reminder, The meeting is tomorrow at Noon


Out of town again…
Wish I could play with some welders, er, I mean, clean the Metal Shop some more…
I really do appreciate Jim and Tim and Charles and all the folks who keep the place operating! :+1:
We wouldn’t work if we were all as sporadic as I.

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