Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20201003

It’s that time.

Date and Time

October 3rd, 2020. 12pm-1pm for the meeting, 1pm-5pm reserved for the usual cleanup.

Meeting Agenda


  • None Slated

Discussion Topics

These don’t necessarily need a vote at the moment, but need to be discussed:

  • Training development pilot
  • We need more teachers in the interim
  • The multiple recent powder-coating-inside incidents. Signage, require training, reminders, or something else?
  • general “where we are and where we are going” talk


  • General cleanup
  • Vapor Hone maintenance
  • Check all grinder wheels
  • Air filtration system
    – check filter
    – reset airflow gauge on the air filtration system
    – install new switch or reset system to lower velocity?
  • Signage
    – make sign for air filtration switch
    – make sign for extraction switch
  • Cleanup committee metal storage
  • Any Committee Fabrication Requests?

Thanks for the reminder, I won’t be able to make it, have fun but not too much :wink:

Since I keep forgetting – is our Square dead? I can’t see how to turn it on. If it’s easy, help me remember to ask after the meeting.

It sometimes gets unplugged. We can look tomorrow

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Need to move the Vertical Lift.

While you have some real people present for your meeting I would like to have some volunteers move the vertical lift from the old Machine Shop area over to the 102 Warehouse. Just move it down the ramp, across the parking lot, and up the other ramp. It takes several people to do it safely. That will assist me when I come in Monday morning. Not that people in at that hour and I cannot move it alone.

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Running a few minutes behind myself

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