Metal Shop Committee Meeting - 20200307

Here are the minutes for the metal shop meeting (also on the wiki).

This was a big day; we setup for the second welding bay, though we are still awaiting some items to be able to weld in it.


Time, location

2020-03-07 12:00 Dallas Makerspace

Planned Discussions

  • large angle grinder
  • Potential 100A Plasma Cutter donation
  • Discuss non-hot work galv (we’ve been finding lots of pieces in scrap and around shop)


  • Clean
  • Swap belt 2x60 with KMG or similar change
  • Service Vapor Hone
  • Sort through welding supplies
  • add second Argon drop to gas line; fix known issue with center Tee fitting
  • fix handle on new (to us) Redline powdercoating gun
  • inspect why oven is not getting to temperature fast enough