Metal Polishing Stainless Steel

Hi All

I am working on a project fabricated from a variety of materials: 440 & 303 stainless steel, yellow brass and 2024 aluminum.

I am in need of using polishing tools within the Jewelry lab, and would like to know what training/approval is needed to use those tools.

I am willing to supply my own buffing wheels and compounds, so as to not contaminate that used for noble metals. Unless the DMS is willing to supply?

I will need to use both the bench polisher and Fordham/Dremel tools.

Any suggestions on buffing wheels to be used on our equipment?

I don’t think those can be used with non-precious metals. I seem to remember the JSM people getting really unhappy when someone brought some mild steel over there in the past.


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That is specifically why I stated that I would be using new buffing wheels and compounds specifically for this purpose…to prevent contaminating noble metal buffing wheels. I need access to the rotary tools, only.


Malcom is correct in that we specialize soft metals Silver Gold and Bronze only. Contamination is a big issue for our department, thanks for asking first! :pray:t3:

I believe @Team_Metal_Shop has buffing capability that may work for you? Or maybe @Team_Vector


Got the new machine finally, but still need some fresh wheels.

@Will1 if you have wheels you are free to put them on. Just reassemble the unit when complete.


Thanks for the reply, Jim!

For the work that I am doing, the tools, light and work bench in the jewelry lab would be ideal.
I really don’t understand the issue so long as I use new buffing wheels specifically for my application?