Metal Hand Stamps

Does anyone know where the metal stamping tools are? I see posts from 2019 and 2021 indicating that we have metal stamping tools but I didn’t see anyone say where they were. Thanks in advance!

They are in a drawer in the small wooden cabinet with the shear on top. The drawer is probably labeled texturing. Please remember these should only be used on dead soft / annealed material.


Joseph … What metals may this be used on?

EDIT: If you’re stamping aluminum or steel, Blacksmithing and possibly Machine Shop have letter stamps that you should use instead of these.

What Joseph said about location …

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Thanks John and Joseph! The image is super helpful!

What metal(s) do you plan to stamp?

I’m planning on stamping brass and copper! One project is to make a custom dog tag ( brass ) and the other is to stamp copper bracelet blanks

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Sounds fun! Your metals are on the list of approved metals for those stamps. We’d love to see pictures of the finished projects.