Message board at the Dallas Makerspace lobby?!?

hello everyone. Can someone shed some light on this message for a job listing that is posted in the lobby at the Makerspace facility. That email or URL does not go to a valid website. Any information be gireatly appreciated. I would like to learn more about the opportunity. Feel free to call 817-313-7923 or just respond back to this thread. Thank you.

The webaddress it lists is

Too blurry to read , sorry.


Hope its not for a photography gig :smile:


I would caution you to ignore it then… last week it did lead to a valid website. If a ‘big money biomed startup’ as they present themselves cannot keep a website hosted, and have HANDWRITTEN copy of their job postings, might be some red flags. There’s even a printer onsite, 50ft away, that they could have used to put up a printed, professional flyer.


I will retake the pic. Yikes! That was very blurry

If the contact info on the flyer is no longer valid, there’s not much you can do. Literally the only help this thread can bring is the slimmest chance the person who wrote and posted that message uses Talk and can respond to you. Most members are not active here on the forum.


Clearly it’s a note from Sasquatch, the blurriest of the cryptids