Mess in the woodshop


Careful, that’s like feeding a puppy. One small unsolicited tip turns into hours and hours of woodshop theory. Do lathes naturally spin in reverse below the equator? What are 100 uses for sawdust in the bathroom? How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if it was human sized?

It’s a slippery slope.

j/k j/k j/k I’m in the Marshall fan camp.


They do, but never fear, they just stand on the back side of the lathe and work from that side.


I thought that was stand on the ceiling…



Brought my cousin to the space for a tour and found this mess on the tables:


That glue-up I think I see in the back corner of the last photo was there a week ago!


Or my personal favorite … watching someone operate the jointer with chips spewing out of the dust collection port.