Mess in ceramics

I made a mess, cleaned it up the best I could!
There was a glaze that was unscrewed and I didn’t check it before I shook it and it ended up going everywhere.
Almost has a similar mess with another bottle on the rack.
Bottles that weren’t screwed shut was Ice C-23(on the rack) and Sapphire float PC-24

In the photo all the wet spots are where glaze had landed

Photo of after the wet dried


Thanks for cleaning!!! Have accidentally done that myself here at home. Glaze everywhere for weeks :laughing:

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Hey! It happens to us all! I dropped a full glaze container in the parking lot one Saturday morning and it spilled all over my backside and the side of my car. Had to take it through the wash. Bet other potters can also share their own tragedies.

Really appreciate that you 1) admitted fault and 2) cleaned it up.

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Not just potters. I ruined a new shirt and pants with red enamel paint following the exact same path with a twist: I was the one who had not secured the lid.


All my clothes were covered in glaze :joy:


Not glaze but paint for me, too. How many times have I gone to paint some little spot and done so in my *good clothes, because I was going to be *very careful, only to spill, spot or soil the clothes. It happens to all of us makers frequently. Some of us probably more than others.

As always thanks for cleaning up no matter where at DMS it is.