Meow Wolf - The maker artist experience

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Meow Wolf!

The Experience

The Beginnings


Its neato. Definitely worth a visit.

Oh it does happen…on rare occasions.

Oh they got someone to buy a old bowling alley. What I appreciate is what they did with it… It is also making money and they are moving to other cities now.

some rando nobody’s ever heard of…

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It is said that we are 6 people away from everyone else. This may be shorter considering the Internet.

Wish we could put together something like this…call it Fire Dumpster.

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Yes … we’d be really good at it

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I was thinking about a wall where we can document our fires and successes with art

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I heard that “Meow Wolf” if like “Beetlejuice”. Say it three time and it summons @uglyknees.


I’m hereeeeeeeee!



Wouldn’t that be an awesome place to work on and help with?

I applied last time I blasted thru for some fancy pants position I wasn’t exactly qualified for but could figure out.
The place is wonderfully fun and complex as all hell and you can watch a movie about its creation if you’re interested.
I do think once you get down to brass tax it’s probably quite a bit like a Makerspace. Hundreds of eccentric personalities with visions needing to work and thrive together - but they have a system of well paid management and also incomes to watch after for many many artist now. So the stakes are higher. The buy in is the same because it has everything to do with peoples passions.

The first time I went - I think 4 years ago now- it wasn’t as crowded, had less visually going on, 1/2 of it was a Makerspace and it was just really really fresh. This time - this spring break - it was dense with people, it had more visual effects and felt a bit more chaotic with the installations overlapping. Both of which are perfectly awesome experiences. I also knew what to expect so it was still cool but that smack in the face wasn’t as clean.

Road trip?