Membership Card

Joined last week, but don’t know where to get the card from. Who do I contact to get a card ?

Well, that’s quite the topic nowadays.

First, you’ll need to send an email to [email protected]. Currently we’re having some issues with the billing part of the system sending your password to the rest of the system. Talk is a totally separate thing, so passwords here are working fine.

Next up, you’ll need to come by the Space when someone is here to help you. Personally, I’m not really available until Thursday, and that may be in question. Basically, they just need to let you in, and maybe show you how to register a fob. The link for that is - but you need a password that works, and a fob for the number. Plus, if you haven’t been by here in the past, you’ll need to sign a waiver on the Ipads up front.

The way to get in is to come to the front lobby – the far north door for the 1825 building. If you’re trying to use GPS, that door is actually Suite 102, even though it says 104. Ring the bell. However, the odds of finding somebody here that knows all the stuff isn’t all that great, so coordinate with someone who’s expecting you.

@Team_Moderators – is Membership Services a better location for this?


I could give you a tour and attempt the RFID tag setup over lunch time tues or wed, or wed night about 6