Members Exchange Shelf Donation

For over 5 years Gulfstream Aircraft has been donating wood, veneers, leather, and various other items to DMS. These are the samples that the Gulfstream interior designors use to show their clients. They use these materials to design the interiors of their multi-million dollar aircraft.

I’ve placed this year’s donation on the members exchange shelf. There are veneers, leather samples and some other items on the shelf. Take as much or as little as you like. There will be more next year unless I tell Leanne at Gulfstream we no longer want the donation.

In the past the veneers have been used by @nicksilva on the laser to create some beautiful things. The leather has been used to make eyeglass cases and even a multi-color apron or two. I’m sure that some of you may have other ideas. If you make something, anything with the items Leanne at Gulfstream loves to see them. Please just post the items to talk.

There is also a box of faux leather which could be used in the sewing classes.

Here are some pictures:


I have been the beneficiary of some of the veneers in the past (as a result of a DMS class). They are high quality, fairly thick veneers of good woods including many exotics. Thanks @coloneldan for coordinating this for us and many thanks also to Gulfstream for their generosity.



These are SO gonna be used for the next pinball cabinet I’m working on for the Texas Pinball Festival in March…


That ultraleather vinyl is a thing of beauty.

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Just don’t laser it!

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lol, fair
I have plans to make a bag with some of the off-white I have and some charlie harper bird fabric I’ve been hoarding but I’m too nervous to cut into any of it yet. I do take it out and pet it every once in a while though.

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Leanne, also gave me some gray leather in a much larger size. (It is not a sample, but a part of a project for a customer’s plan). I didn’t have room to put it on the shelf on Tuesday, but will probably put it on there some time next week. I don’t think it is a whole hide but it is a pretty good size piece. I have two of them in different shades of gray.

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Thank you for doing this every year! I love the stuff you get from Leanne. Have we ever made her something from the items she’s donated? I think it would be cool to make something like what @nicksilva makes for her and Gulfstream using the veneers.


I’ve considered making her something but I’ve just never done it. I would probably make her a nice pen, but the veneer idea would also be a great idea. I’m thining pen because she could use it in her daily work.

She’s never expected anything in return for the donation, but I suspect she might appreciate a gift. My problem is I don’t want her to get in trouble with her management thinking she is donating the stuff in exchange for personal gain.

The company she works for is Gulfstream Aerospace, but it is wholly owned by General Dynamics and they can be very finicky about remuneration for charitable gifts. They do a lot of business with Uncle Sam and so have some pretty strict rules for donations.

It is still a very nice thought.


Their policy is this:

Employees and their immediate families shall not accept or solicit any gift or entertainment from any person or organization that does, or may seek to do, business with Gulfstream if that gift or entertainment could influence or appear to influence the employee in the performance of Gulfstream duties.

Could be taken either way… :frowning:

There were a bunch of gorgeous finished mounted wood samples that I pulled to hang on the walls of the woodshop. Thanks much!


I put a couple of bigger pieces of leather on the shelf tonight when I picked up the test equipment from @Raymond. It may already be gone, but here’s the pic.


I put a Heathkit breadboard, a Sega Genesis clone, and a bunch more stuff on the shelves.

Y’all are too late to get the Panavise PCB vise. @coloneldan got that one as I was dropping things off. :slight_smile:


I dropped a ton of shears and mini tree tools off.

I have boxes more if anyone finds a use for any. These were samples from China and we went with an American vendor. The wire cutters and concave cutters are useful for a lot of things.

The shears are good for when you don’t want to damage other shears lol

If anyone is into “miniature trees” [avoiding keywords]:
I can make a full set (spherical knob cutter, concave cutters, wire cutter, etc. I think there are 7 styles in several finishes).


oh snap! I need some of those

I could definitely use some of those as well yeah, but I won’t be able to be in until tomorrow sometime…

if someone hasn’t taken the whole box I can put a set in my bin for you

I appreciate that, thank you!

I’m going by later if anyone needs anything specific. I am sure there are more boxes in my attic:

These large side/concave cutters are actually good for trimming hooves since most only have a large spherical for hoove trimming. Obviously these are intended for

@PearceDunlap which ones do you want, I can bring boxes wednesday lol


I’m going to try to rearrange my schedule and come by tonight but it won’t be until after 5, possibly six.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t need entire boxes, but one of each of the tools would be handy and I could definitely use two or three of the tool roles, depending on how many are available