Member(s) with strong writing skills

Steve, if you’d like to get involved with the DMS blog again, we’d love to have you on PR.

I think you all are doing fine.

IF you need help on a specific project, I might be willing.

Take care,


Update: got a positive response from Dale at Make. He said

“I do remember seeing a lot of good things happening in Dallas Makerspace. I have copied editors, Rafe and Mike, who can explore some different ideas of how to work together.”


Another Update: I know it’s been a while but that’s publishing for ya. My suggestion made it up to Dale and has now filtered down to Mike Senese, the current executive editor of Make. He’s interested in the idea of doing maker profiles that focus on a current project the maker is working on. We haven’t nailed down a word count yet but he’d like me to prepare a list of makers/projects so he could pick something to start with. I’m a bit out of touch with the space right now, so can anyone suggest some members who are working on cool projects right now? I’ve done some photography for the Lady Brain Studios light/sound stuff so that might be a good one. Any other ideas?

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You might want to take a look through the last few months of Show and Tell threads.

Hope that helps some!