Member Exchange Shelf - Location?


Question 1:
Do we still have the Member Exchange Shelf?
I was unable to locate it on my last visit, but to be fair, my search was really 1/2 arsed. So I guess what I should say is: It was not where I expected it to be, can you help adjust my expectations?

Question 2: do we have “rules” or “guidelines” on what is acceptable to put on it?
There’s the “freebie shelf” verbiage on the RULES page:
which I assume are semi-applicable, at least in spirit.

@Cairenn_Day ?
@LukeStrickland ?
Bueller ?


It is currently in the workshop area near Science.


It’s by where the pallet storage is/used to be.


Back to Machine Shop?
With the vacuformer underneathish?


No. Looking at the vacuformer – turn around. The large shelf, currently full of lovely bits one might find usable, is now in front of you.

As you enter the workshop from the front rooms, you don’t make the first left, and the Exchange shelf is Right There. Science will be at your back as you gaze upon the bounty of the Exchange shelf.


FREE: Cookbook and Exercise Books

Sure enough, walked right on by… (I think I was distracted by the giant fridges!)
Thank you!


Basic rules still apply, nothing that needs a disposal fee to get rid of
no CRTs no oily dirty auto parts or unusable ones

I was noticing tonight that it looks like it needs a purge and neaten up
I may try to work on that Sun If I dont think something is usable, it will be trashed

I am the daughter of the man that thought all dead appliances should be
disassembled for their usable parts, so I have a generous view of usable


There’s the confusion, that looks more like project storage for things that goodwill doesn’t want and a garage sale couldn’t move.


Oh, looks like science? :scream:


Actually thinking about it, despite the rip on the good guys of science and not to sound like I’m throw stones here, that shelf does look more like project space for science just by the way its placed there and everything else around it.

Not that the would be “valuables” on there contribute to that apparence more of just floor space layout. If Cairenn ever wants to free up space I’d bet that would be a great place for science project storage. Caveat that its used for STEM classes. :wink:


We could just take over the Vintage Computer area instead…


In a place that has 10+ tools to make signs, we seem to lack in good signage :smile: I’m guilty also lol


It needs a good sign and until I have better computer skills I cant do it

Does someone want to help my making a good sign ro it?


I’d be glad to help! what do you need done?


It needs a large sign for the top badly

There needs to be a sign for rules also but the large one is the real need


what do you need it to say?


Member s Exchange Shelf in large letters please


gladly! Comic sans ok?


just kidding. I’ll come up with something nice and shoot it over to you to see if it works for you before sending it over to the laser cutter


Thanks since folks can t seem to find it I guess it needs it s own iD