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I need to use my makerspace email address to reply to a class registration. I was unaware I had an DMS email address and I don’t see anything in the Wiki to point me to it. Could someone point me in the right direction.

Rich Crowell

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I’m working on more formal instructions, but the post here explains how to log in to the google services (it’s demo is for Google Groups, but go to any google service such as gmail and it is the same thing):


Jim Thank you. When I followed the link and signed in it said I didn’t have access. It is possible that I used the wrong name but it has locked me out so I can not retry.

Rich Crowell

Fixed. You had a deactivated membership that reactivated at one point, so I had to do the bug correction that happens in such a case.

Ignore any okta emails you may receive. Just try to login using the instructions linked above.

@hon1nbo I’m having the same problem with email. Followed your guide with no luck.
My membership expired and was reactivated earlier this year (zipcode changed) and I’m unable to log in… It might be the same problem. If you have time, I’d appreciate the reset.


p.s. @Richtx - congrats on your first post and Hello!

Jim could i ask you to reset my email link again. I may have used the wrong password. But it only gave me one try and locked me out.

I also wanted to relay something that I saw this morning on the Dynatorch and figure you were proably the right guy to contact. I am not sure if this is a problem or just a setting a previous user set up and didn’t clear. But it stumped me I got an error code “X and Slave out of sync”. See attachment.


Rich Crowell

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It’s your AD login, like you use for the Dynatorch

Of it’s not working something else is up and I’ll take a look when I get home.

Jim thanks. I do believe I used the wrong password. but I am locked out with one try.


Sent an unlock command to your account, though it doesn’t say you locked it out.

I see successful logins today, and one failed login after the last successful. That should not cause a lock out on its own.

I’m new to this process and am trying to register for a class. Is there an email I need to use to login to the system besides the one I originally setup my account with? I have tried using the email and username I originally setup and it works on everything except the login for class registration. Any help would be appreciated.


This email is something else.

For the calendar system,, your login is just your DMS username (and password. You should have set these when you activated the account.

If you need to reset your password, visit this page:


That’s what I’ve been using and it doesn’t seem to work. Obviously I’m doing something wrong somewhere or not remembering something. I have reset my password and that doesn’t seem to help.

I PM’d you. Let’s take this there to debug

Make sure user name is all lower case.

we resolved this. Identified a sync issue in the process.

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