Meeting Scheduled - September 7, 2019 5PM-7PM

Sep 7 5pm to 6pm
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Still in Colorado, but I’m hopeful others will be able to attend to provide the many positive synergies of adopting the tabletop sig and the toastmasters sig under education committee.


E I hope to make it but since I do not have transportation there is a chance I may not or I might run late. Since I’m depending on somebody else and I forgot the meeting was tonight so I forgot to tell her ahead of time. Well in fact I thought it became it came after the board meeting I got confused on when the board meeting was sorry but I hope to be

minutes typed by Joe Mattes:

9/7/19 - Education Committee Meeting - Meeting Started about 5:05 pm

8.5 Persons in attendance:
John Gorman
John Baker
Cairenn Day
Art Givens
Max Kirkland
(.5) Doug Emes through phone

Talking points:

  • Agreed to have a Teachers meetings in the next month, and by using emails to communicate with said teachers
  • List of duties/responsibilities/expectations for teachers.
  • Class attendees cancelations are an issue - sending reminders to attendees would be helpful for everyone.
  • Tabletop SIG becoming under the Education Committee - Vote started by John Gorman, Art Givens seconded, 7 votes for, 1 abstained, 1 Proxy Vote through Draco for Laura (counted in votes for)
  • John Suggested purchasing a rolling cabinet for the SIG, John will get a lock for it for the interim
  • Draco suggested bringing the Toastmasters SIG under Education. John asked what their needs that would require being under a committee. Art Suggested their roles are applicable to being teachers. John Called Doug - Have a bunch of instructors that do a good job of showing different skills and techniques that could be helpful for members. They also have an 80 year long history with a proven track record for teaching public speaking. It would be helpful for teaching teachers to be better at their craft. Doug said they need a shelf/small amount of storage for a podium, and other small accessories. A podium on wheels was suggested. John starts a Vote to adopt DMS Toastmasters SIG underneath Education, Cairenn Seconds, 8 votes for, 0 objections, 1 proxy vote through Draco for Laura to vote in favor (vote counted in total)
  • Will need to make a push to get the old printmaking room back.
  • Student Expectations to follow up Teacher Expectations - No shows to classes are a problem
  • Calendar reminder function - Draco remembers a reminder feature and may have been disabled at some point, but that would be incredibly helpful for classes (similar to a point above). Would be useful to regain ownership of the calendar to make improvements like reminders.
  • Holly suggested that Safetey/Required classes get honorarium first to make sure new members who are looking for specific tools are able to get to use them.
  • Honorariums and the amount of Teachers still teaching may be related, theirs been a dramatic down-flux in offered classes. Eventbrite may also our committees due to all funds earned through there go directly to the teachers instead of the committees also getting funds.
  • Need to find data points on classes offered, class costs, teachers cost, ect.
  • Certification Testing instead of NEEDING required classes for members who feel they are qualified/ARE qualified to use the machines. It would cut down on wait time from joining to being able to use said machines. ‘Testing out’ of required training classes. This is a way to expedite qualified persons getting DMS certifications on machines.
  • Refresher videos on machines so people who are trained can get a walk through in case they dont use that machine often, but have a new project to get started.

Action Items:

  • Draco and John will work on developing a Teachers Expectations document
  • Draco and John will work on developing a Student Expectations document