May Knit Along! Grrlfriend Market Bag


The poll has closed with the winning project being the market bag!

I scrounged up a fairly solid pattern on Ravelry with a ton of finished projects and a seemingly easy enough construction.

The tl;dr Details:
-DPNS to circular construction with garter strap
-Can use cotton, linen, etc. Does not have to be stretchy
-Lace. Supposedly easy lace. We shall see!

If interested I would love to schedule a cast on “class/meeting” around May 1st to kick off the project! Please comment if you are interested.

Otherwise I will try to have a weekly progress thread to gauge where everyone is and see what colors everyone decided!

Happy Knitting!



Once details get firmed up, I’ll be happy to post whatever info/pic you want to let our hive-mind in FB group know (most aren’t on talk).

Or while I know you’re not on fb a lot, it would be worthwhile for you to post and get feedback on dates whatever if you’re interested

It’s “Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics” and it’s where the majority of the fiberarts regulars hang and we spread the word on things



I joined it about a week ago! I’ll try to make more efforts to post there. Feel loved because I -really- hate facebook :sweat_smile:



:heart: :blankspace:



Lol, I know it’s (fb) not for everyone. But apparently a high percentage of the fibery folks use it, so it’s convenient to spread the word or tap into the hive-mind.



One thought…maybe scrounge up similar freebie pattern for those that crochet and don’t knit?

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So, I made a preliminary post to get things rolling in fb, but you might pop in there with details

Tried to tag you but not sure of your fb name

Link to post (btw, it won’t show to anyone unless member of the Closed group, but do a join request and I’ll approve you)

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I can totally do that!! Stay tuned!

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It won’t let me open that link on my phone. I added you as a friend though!

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The link won’t work if you aren’t a member of the Closed group. I know you said you thought you were a member, but perhaps not? Pm me your fb name and I can check members, or just try to join and I’ll let you in

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