Masking Paper Source

Howdy Y’all!
I was up there yesterday, but wasn’t able to find the wide masking paper that is normally there. The tape holder was there, but there wasn’t any tape.
I know this is a normal consumable that is supplied, but I’d like to order a backup roll for my usage in case we run out. Does anyone know what product we use and where to get it?

Typically it’s the cheapest source I can find on amazon. Runs around $40/roll.

Here’s a list of sources for most laser consumables:

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you can also find it at Engravers Network in Arlington. They also sell Cermark.
Masking Tape

Thank you! I thought I looked there, but I missed it.

It’s vinyl transfer-tape. You can get it in a large variety of widths and tackiness from GSG in addison.
The accept will-call and in-store orders. Recommend ordering ahead if you don’t want to wait 30 minutes.

Thanks for the info!

Curious, will regular beige masking tape work for this purpose?

Yes, but the adhesive tends to break down in a much messier fashion. I’ve tried a number of different masking materials with mixed results. The best I’ve found for general purpose, is vinyl transfer tape. For acrylic, PeelKleer 5358 is a paintable masking that works well.

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How much vinyl is actually in that? Vinyl is not approved for our lasers because of the toxic, corrosive gasses.

Vinyl transfer tape does seem to have better tack than paper.

paper transfer tape doesn’t keep well on fine edges when lasered. Perhaps a spray of photo fixative would be the answer.

Haha. So scary when i looked in my email inbox and saw this from today. It’s probably because I bought some last month, but still.

Vinyl transfer tape is the same stuff laser provides for users. It’s not transfer tape made of vinyl, instead it’s extra wide masking tape used to transfer cut vinyl from the roll/cutter to whatever surface you’re decorating.

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