March Kiln News 2019


Bisque was unloaded. I got excited and forgot to take photos of the first two shelves in the kiln, so the pictures are of items on the shelves :blush:


@Monikat Thanks for posting these! Any chance a hairy pitcher-looking guy with four feet got fired?


That’s not ringing any bells but I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon and can look if you like.


Thank you so much! This is him:


Bisque unloaded


He is still drying on the shelves and will go in the next bisque fire!


Thank you for checking on 'im!


Glaze unloaded


Kiln unload


Holy Crap, is that a Dragon Teapot?


It sure is!


I don’t think that’s a mold we own… Most of the things we got were the typical kitsch that one saw in the slip-cast shops.


Is that yours?


Not ours and can not use it. Already asked :confused:


Huh!! There’s always EBay…


This may be why we can’t use the mold – maybe they bought this bisque. Not a bad price…

Search for dragon teapot


Nope. Mold belongs to someone else.


I have a dragon teapot mold. I’m in the middle of my work busy season so I’m slow but I am planning to teach slip casting in Plano soon. I’m currently working on taking pictures of all of my molds and posting them to a Facebook group so that people can ask to use specific molds in class.


I borrowed the dragon teapot mold and made a couple cast. I could not make additional cast because the person sells the busque and greenware to support the habit.

If you would like one I’ll be happy to have her contact you.

Anita Willis