Man who made nut for show and tell

So on Friday night we had a show and tell meeting and a man ( I believe his name was Mike) came in with a nut and bolt that he made.
He was also telling the group about a problem he was having with rabbits in his yard.
I have been thinking of solutions and have come up with a couple.
I am hoping by making this post someone can help me get in contact with him so I can share what I have found.

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I think his name is David. I’m not sure that he’s on Talk, though. I’ll mention it the next time I see him.

Would also love to hear ways to discourage rabbits. They have destroyed my yard grass :frowning:

Plant high dollar tasty plants in your gardens and the rabbits will ignore your grass. Personal experience here … :laughing:


Solution 1

Solution 2

Any idea if the ultrasonic repeller works with armadillos? <’)))~

Tried a few of the powders, pellets, sprays etc… None seemed to do anything.
Will try one of the ultrasonic ones with good reviews.
Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Do these remedies apply to skunks also? Skunks and dogs don’t mix!

Years ago rabbits chewed through the wiring loom of my car !!!
Apparently lots of wiring now uses organic based plastics that wild life seem to love!!
They have also eaten through pool equipment cables in the past ;-(

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My experience with pretty much any/all of these products is that they are “snake oil”, e.g. the “coyote urine” products…really? I wonder what folks that extract urine from coyote’s get paid and what that process actually looks like?

And the powders/pellets are nothing but pepper or cinnamon or some annoying-to-animals mint oil (peppermint, spearmint). You can mix these up yourself for pennies if you want to find out how ineffective they actually are.

But, honestly, I’d be interested if anyone finds a product that is well reviewed by more than someone’s immediate family members and fake accounts. My guess is the top of the list will be a large mean cat closely followed by an accurate air pistol.

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Wife & I are discussing the incongruities of (involuntarily) hosting both a family of bobcats (we see their scat more often than them) AND large rodents (probably field mice) and P L E N T Y o’ bugsies. The rabbits don’t really meddle in our stuff so much, but the rodents…may need to replace our big mean cats as ineffective…


Solution 3


(/s for the overly literal. don’t actually do the first 2 steps in city limits and the last two is an invitation for an unfriendly involuntary sitdown with the aphabet soup bois.)

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Ultra-sonic failed miserably too :frowning: Rabbits didn’t even look at me when 10 feet away with it in my hand pointing at them !!!

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Free food?

I can attest that this does happen.

One morning, my alarm kept going off. When I drove later, various things did not work properly or at all. The shop said that something like a squirrel had chewed up the wiring harness. They did not replace the harness, but rewired part of it. To the present day, it still has intermittent problems from time to time. They recommended spraying under the hood with pepper spray to keep the rodents away.