Mame terminal in the museum


Thank’s to @Bill’s suggestion I’ve been looking into ways for us to run simh and xmame on the cabinet we’ll be building in our upcoming MIME cab class.

Currently the design at this point is members can use an RFID scan to login, this then loads up the related system. Their will even be an access port to insert themed sd cards for various titles or member created titles (go retro game devs).

on the technical side, the main system will run libPAM modules to authenticate and setup the system as needed, then after a timeout logout of the system and go back to the root XDM for authentication.

We’ll also be working on integrating PIR proximity sensors and colorchord into the housing to control audio levels, logout timings, and special lighting effects based on users facial recognition.

This is going to be the main computing system and workstation/terminal to Racky McRackFace. But will also house different system and tools internal to the case.




i was with you right up until “facial recognition” that uh, seems like a lot of troubleshooting for very little pay off. not to mention that all the features up until that point would be run from a SINGLE rasppi (rfid, led, games) but then add the facial recognition and you computing demands ramp up significantly.



Not a single pi, a cluster of them plus a few intel atom boards too.