Making the crystal shard from the dark crystal

I’d love your advise and suggestions

The end goal: replic crystal shard in resin

Shard 7ecda9bbd38684ab18ce7812cdc7a728--the-dark-crystal-the-crystals

Working backwards:
We’ll need to choose a resin. Not sure that it matters too much since it’ll be jewelry so nothing too stressful on it, but what kind would you use?

The mold: We’re going to have to make a mold, and most of the silicon molds the space has for other things are open on the top, but ours probably needs to look more like a slipcasting mold with a small hole at the top to pour the resin in. I know there are a bunch of different materials and methods for to making molds. Any ideas on what might be the best choice?
I’m also assuming we’ll have to pressure pot/vacuum chamber it to get out the bubbles, and I’m not sure how the mold type might help/hinder that (aside from size.)

Then there’s the original, non-resin object we use to make the mold. I was thinking about 3d printing something so that it’s eventually resizeable. (I don’t want to use the one already on thingiverse, though it’s not bad)

So I need to hand make one first and then scan it with a 3d scanner. (though I think someone mentioned a software that could take a photo and make a 3d image file)

What material we make the original out of will be partly chosen based on the material we use for the mold (or the ease of 3d scanning it, in which case the mold needs to work with 3d printing material,) but there are tons of options.
A chunk of resin/acrylic and a sander

Y’all have been doing this sort of thing for way longer than I have. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Anyone had success (or failure :blush:) doing something with these kinds of steps?

Is there anything that jumps out at you and says, “you need to take so-and-so’s clas on xyz?”




How exact does this resin shard have to be to the one in the photo? For example, you could always just make a rectangular resin bar, and grind down various faces of the rectangle bar until you got a ‘shard-like’ appearance.

If you need it to be a ‘replica’ (I.e., replicating a physical prop), then you’re looking at scanning and/or perhaps doing a two piece silicone mold to cast your resin into. Max Kirkland’s your guy to talk to when it comes to two part molds.

As far as prerequisite classes go, I can teach you the Pressure Pot and Vacuum Chamber and have a class coming up at the end of July. It’s free. :slight_smile:

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@Edenblue is a resin ninja she would be a great mentor for this. Also, Max Kirkland @maxk68 use to teach resin mold making for jems.

I hope you have a great day,

Anita Willis

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Ive been chattimg with Jeff and Erika about doing crystsal silicone molds. Think they habe some in the works too :+1:t3:

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I would 3d print then silicone mold it. Vacuum form wouldn’t capture all sides.


French wax or wet clay would be my choice in hand creating the positive for a mold. Then silicone cast and use a clear plastic mold mix from Reynolds. They have several that would work.

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here is what Iwould recomend for the mold

and here is what I would use for the resin

here is a good 3d print of the crystal


Now if we could just find someone to play Aughra…BAHAHHAHAAH


I own two replica. I would be willing to loan one for the mold making


They are also color changing based on the Kelvin of light illuminating them. Ie looks different in fluorescent light vs sunlight


That sounds awesome! I wonder how they did that.

photochromic pigments

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Well now I’m not needed. I would have offered to make the 3d models.

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Of course we need you!! <3
(“should you need us”… Wrong movie, but still hensen)

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I hope you know you’ve got almost a dozen other people obsessed and wanting to do this exact same project now. :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Weekend goals include making a variety of sizes with the 3D printers.

We should have an event!
Get together and practice different techniques and powders and molds.


Ill be happy to make the one or two piece mold for it

im going to to attempt to unearth mine this coming weekend, its in a secure storage at the house (Read buried with other unfinished projects, in the box known either as my craft room)


I’d love to have several molds so we can experiment with different powders and such. We’re also going to want the different sizes (we want a full sized shard, but also necklace and earring sized)
What’s the easiest/best way to make that happen?
edit - I’ll absolutely take you up on your offer to make a mold, but I’d also like to know how to do it myself, if you think you might have time to show me.
Is there a place locally that I could source the materials you use so I can be prepared to make extras?

We’re looking forward to learning enough in 3d classes Saturday to be able to print the different sizes.
Is there enough time to be ready to play with resin pouring on Sunday?

What do y’all think about having an event Sunday night to watch the movie and play with resin?