Making Blind Shot Bingo Targets for Hatcher's Event 1-11-19


Hey Everyone,

I’m working on the Blind Shot Bingo Game for the Hatcher’s Shooting Event on 1-11-19 at Eagle Gun Range. Here is a link if you want to join us,

Blind Shot Bingo is based on luck, rather than shooting skill so everyone has the same chances. We are calling it blind shot as you won’t be able to see the numbers in the bingo squares when you are shooting, because they will be on the back side of the target. Also, you won’t know which number is the bingo number till after you shoot, because we are going to pick the number by rolling 6 dice after each shooter to generate a number between 6 and 36.

So, I’m going to make Bingo Targets for our contestants to shoot at and could use a bit of help here and there.

The target will have a 5x5 grid of randomly arranged numbers between 6 and 36, without any numbers repeating on the same card. As this range has 31 possibilities and the grid can only hold 25, not all numbers will be on all bingo cards.

Could one of our Excel wizards make me a spread sheet that would randomly arrange numbers between 6 and 36 across 25 columns so I can use the data merge feature in InDesign to make our bingo cards? It would look something like this,

Also, if anyone wants to make a funny title line image of a blind folded shooter or Blind Shot Bingo header logo. That would be fun to add to the target as well.


FWIW, rolling 6d6 won’t get anything close to a uniform distribution. Rolling a 21 about 9.28% of the time and a 36 about 0.002% of the time.

I used to gen up a frequency distribution, but there aren’t enough digits shown to show the prob for the high/low limits.

A Solution
If you want to get a uniform distro using dice, and you want 25 different possibilities, use 2D6 of two different colors. Use one for the row (red for row is a good mnemonic) and the other for the column of a 5x5 matrix and reroll any 6’s rolled.


Great point Mike!

You not only solved my randomization issue, but also cut down on the amount of dice I need at the event.

Hadn’t thought about the dice probability, but I’ve never been much of a craps player either. :slightly_smiling_face: