Making a Dragon Head Question

How would I go about making a dragon head like this?
It seems to be made of a rubbery substance but I’m open to other materials.

I know that is the commercial trophy.

Start with wandering down Google for:
Pepakura dragon head

There is a $32 etsy one that is a cast.

Depends on how many you want to create, and if they are identical/near identical if you make several.

Yes they are $400 to $500

I’m wanting the wizkids size but I would like to make it

You might talk to @Kriskat30. Her mask-making classes would utilize many of the techniques this would require. @maxk68 might be able to offer suggestions for 3-D printing stuff like the teeth for inclusion.

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And there’s the fancyschmancy shiny vacuformer too

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Paper Maiche. Specifically look at Dan the Monster Man. Lemme know if you have questions

Oh! So the police have finally identified him! Still I wonder which came first…(the dragon or the egg…) Ok Seriously, just down the street (literally) from the Makerspace… Monetary Ln becomes Diplomat just south of Valwood, there is Reynolds Advanced Materials 13700 Diplomat Dr Farmers Branch, TX 75234. They have a LOT of examples and you can probably find a material to match what you are looking for.


Check out GourmetPaperMache on YouTube. They’ve done a number of dragon heads out of not much more than newspaper, chopsticks, masking tape, glue, acrylic paint, and talent.


Any idea where one could purchase talent? And how much might it be per pound???:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


that place is incredible and the guys that work there are helpful , even if you are just lost,

If we have enough interest I’m actually totally down to teach this. I’ve done dragon teaching more than I’d like at this point lol

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