Makerspace noob

is anyone available this weekend or early next week to give me a QUICK Tour and help me sign up/set up a fob?

Also… i have a couple old band banners I assume we’re from live shows from the 60s and 70s that are much larger than poster size…they are like 5ft by 2.5ft or so…is there some way to scan or copy something that big and reprint them? They are beginning to deteriorate and fall apart. If some process is possible I might bring them with me when I come in just need to know what else I might need. Thanks in advance!

Maybe Sunday afternoon around 3 pm? Later is okay too.

Laying them flat (perhaps ironing out the wrinkles too?) and shooting them with a high megapixel camera could probably work the easiest.

We have some rolling stairs in the Workshop which would allow for a straight down orientation and far enough away camera placement to minimize any distortion.

Digital Media has DSLR cameras which should be suitable.

I will see if I can make Sunday work and get back to you asap! Thanks!

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Is there anything there capable of printing something that size/ those dimensions? Or what are the largest dimensions that can be printed? Ide prefer not to have to take it to a 3rd party to be printed…even if I HAVE TO just print a smaller version…which isn’t proffered but my main goal is to preserve it before more damage is done.

I am heading up tonight to work on my pinball machine, am happy to do a tour. Also will be there Saturday, can meet at either 9:30 or 12:30

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We do not currently have a wide format printer working at the 'Space. I believe the best that can be done currently is 11" x 17" on the color copier/printer.

There are members that may be able help with getting them printed for more reasonable rates than just taking them somewhere, myself included. The key will be getting good images to start from.

For easiest, do like @HankCowdog mentioned above. Will give you one solid image you can print easily.

For highest quality at the Makerspace you will need to be checked out on the Digital Media cameras, then take shots, shots, shots. Overlapping shots. As close as you are willing to take the time to stitch together. Import them all into Adobe Photoshop (which you have access to at DMS) and digitally piece it together on an art board the size of your poster and 300ppi. Once done you can print a direct replication, or resize smaller to print a post card.

Don’t forget to include a reference item, like a ruler or coin, in the image so you can scale each one up or down to the appropriate size before you combine the images.

Whats an art board? So basically I’m just printing multiple sections and lining up as best I can and then recombining the separate printed pages somehow ?

An artboard is an Adobe Photoshop term. JJ (@apparently_weird) is suggesting that you take multiple photos of smaller sections of the objects, and combine them in Photoshop to create a single large image. Then that can be printed at various sizes, not necessarily at the 'Space.

I did something similar but with a print much smaller than the 5 ft. by 2.5 ft. you are talking about - but might work the same. I used the scanner at the space to scan multiple sections. Then used some function in Photoshop that stitched together all the images into one. The Photoshop function worked amazingly well. I can’t remember the function but it didn’t require any skills on my part - found instructions after a couple of Google searches.

When do you think you’ll be up there this weekend? I believe I’m doing a video at Makerspace and can walk you through the basic idea.

I believe you’re talking about photomerge. I’ve used it with limited success on things like landscapes where there wasn’t much detail, but have had nightmares when it mattered. That’s why when I need to do something like this, I overlap and do it by hand. Takes longer, but saves quality.