Makerspace near Conroe / The Woodlands?

Hey guys! My parents live in Conroe, TX (far N Houston), and I’m trying to find something like DMS for my dad. He probably wouldn’t drive too far, but if I can get within 25-30m, I think he’d love it.

A quick Google search popped up that might be worth checking out?


Thanks! That looks like a great option!

Man, looking at the hours available, the tools, etc… reminds me what a value DMS is!


33 hours a week isn’t very much - a lot of completion for tool use. DMS 168 hrs. Facilities look nice and have decent range of equipment.

True, but if it’s the right 33 hours (like if his dad has schedule flexibility) it might be right. They have a nice little woodshop and their monthly price is low.

Thanks guys! The Makerbarn seems like it’ll be a good fit. I reached out about a gift membership, and they were incredibly helpful! They said they’d modeled their org after DMS when they started out about 5y ago.

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