Makerhaunts: Nerdvana

Addy: 5757 main street, frisco, tx #112

Anyone hungry/thirsty focused

$10 per table to play video games as you eat
Food is average priced approx $12 per person (lunch) with a pretty well appointed casual bar

Sit down and play games - board or digital
I don’t understand how they are making enough money to stay afloat (unless they have a solid booze run crowd at night) so I would hit it quick before it goes under.

10/10 on the Ayden scale
8.5/10 on the Nicole scale
9/10 on the Kenneth scale


Game Theory in Ft. Worth has the same model. Prices are modest, and if you spend more than I think $10 there is no “fee” to play games. Each shelf is labeled by the type of games availalbe, no video games though. It was a lot of fun and literally around the corner from Rahr Brewery. So go to Rahr for a beers, then head to Game Theory for a late lunch and games!


It’s a great place. Used to be much more laid back.

To play board games you used to just go in, order your coffee, and then pick out a board game. Now you go in, walk straight past the coffee counter you used to be able to order from, go talk to a hostess, wait for a waiter, and they take your coffee order and take it up to the very same coffee counter and cashier you just walked past (they won’t allow you to order from that counter before hand and then sit in the board game section) and then order that way, and then you have to wait at the end for someone to come bring you your check afterwards. Very frustrating compared to how it used to be.

Otherwise it’s still a decent location to go, just not as streamlined as it used to be.

As much as I liked this place I’m not sure it’s sustainable in the long term. The rent must be very high for the location and people aren’t leaving to flip a table to keep that income up for the servers and for the place. We stayed 1.5 hours. The waiter said they start pushing people to leave after 3 - and went on to talk about a group who played a boardgame for 12 hours. 12 hours! They locked down an entire table for that long!
I’m sure they make some quick money off the bar but I wouldn’t be surprised if they reevaluate the system often. Just my two cents. I really liked it…despite my terrible car driving.

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It’s actually been there a few years now. We go fairly often. I think Gearbox studios helps subsidize it, they own the place and have their HQ in the same building.


Friend and Foe also just opened up in Plano, boardgame cafes are everywhere these days. It’s in the same mall as the Kroger and Madness Games and Comics.
I also vote F&F best sandwich.

Maybe an hourly fee model would work

The $10 to play video games is at least somewhat new. Been there once or twice and that wasn’t in place at the time.

Not to highjack but Nicklemania can be fun. We went a couple weeks ago and only spent 45$. 30$ in nickels & 15 to get in.

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