Makerhaunts: National Videogame Museum


8004 North Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

Does a really good job covering the rise of video gaming with touches of other types of games woven in and out. Interactive exhibits are all over the place to the point where you wonder if it’s a museum at all because you’ve forgotten to read all the wall copy.
Good place to blow a few hours probably more if you want to read all the materials but I had a 9yr old in hand.

I think it’s $12 per person but they gave me a teachers discount. So mine was around $10 per person.

It was nice but for me - keeping up with a 9yr old - I think a trip to cidercade or free play would have been on par with what we were looking for.


We visited this, and it was a BLAST!!
I was really surprised, because glancing in from our treks over to the Museum of the American Railroad I just never felt inspired. I believe when it was announced we were stopping in, I gave it the ol’ “eye roll”.
I was wrong.
It was a BLAST!
I could have spent several more hours playing around, but…

… we ran out of tokens (4 per person were included with purchase) to feed those-with-short-attention-spans (kids) and I was unwilling to pay for more…

But they have some really neat-o stuff in there!
(edit: it PROBABLY helps it be MORE entertaining if you actually remember PONG from new…).


The NVM is a GREAT place!

I’ve done repairs for them, donated items to them, and sold items to them. Currently I’m helping them restore a rare ROMOX system.