Makerhaunts: Billings Productions

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Billings Productions

To be fair, I worked as a tour guide with them over the summer on occasional weekends - I worked because I wanted to hang out with dinosaurs and talk about sculptural techniques that were outside my norm.

I believe tours are around $15ish they have workshops and birthday parties and special events galore…even a valentine date night coming up. Haha.

We were invited back to preview an experimental educational tour (not started) and get a solid look at some of the creatures that were out on tour this summer.

Solid entertainment and education for every maker. In the tour they go over the history and the fabrication of a dino build. A fab lady runs the place to boot!


The shark and snake were not there when we went last time!
Time for another visit!

All the predators were out this summer so it was really neat to see them. The terrabird was the build I got to watch from conception to almost finished it was awesomely fantastic in its finished glory.

The text of the link above is correct but the hyperlink is incorrect. Here is a good one.

Thanks for the info. Are you planning a DMS activity there?


Thank you, Brady!

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I’m not planning a party right now. This isn’t my “Dallas maker space season” I’ve been largely away and uninvolved (the crowd cheers)

but someone should put something together.

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