Maker fair 2022 (and fb event)

What kind of advertising are we doing for the maker fair this month?

I’m not sure who is in charge of the Facebook page, but if there were an event there, I’d share it. :heart: Someone was asking about upcoming craft fairs, and I wanted to send them info.

Is there a flyer or other info we could spread around?

And how many people are coming with their cool stuff?

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Ooh! I need to bump PR @Team_PR I didn’t go to the last Board Meeting, but we’d agreed that Now was the right time to start the FB ads at the Board Meeting before that.

I’m already behind on making a flier, so I’ll do that this week. And then we’ll paper downtown Carrollton, and Farmers Branch, plus have some for folks to post here and there.

I’ve got 8 people signed up so far. That includes Cairenn’s Memorial Table.

I’m trying to think out the logistics of setting up a table since I don’t normally deal with money so don’t have a square.

I went to a craft show this weekend, and one of the vendors was using Venmo for credit cards.

Square is easy to set up and customers love it!

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If your phone has the slot for plug-in earphones/whatever, you can just get the swiping insert for free.

I’ve ordered a square. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:
I also signed up for a table.

Let me know when the FB events have been created so I can share. @Team_PR <3


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Good morning!
I just sent a pm to the fb page because it’s still not posted.

Who all is supposed to be there?

I’ve ordered a square, but apparently they’ve shipped it via pony express because they think it’ll take 10 days to get here from Illinois. :woman_facepalming:t2:. Supposed to be here Thursday :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m still figuring it out. I’ll try to do a write-up today. Julie said she’ll post it for me, but I only have the most marginal of clues how to do that, and what to do it in.

So far:
SR Originals (Sue)
Howling Artist (Cairenn’s memorial and left-overs for sale table)
8 Bit Dreams
Stardrake Books
Anette Henningson
Sean Ellwood
Laura Johnson
Charlie Long
Daniel Culbert
Jennifer Meinel
And you.

So, I used DMS Creative Arts to set up an event for the Maker Sale on Saturday. I did mark it public. Let me know if I’ve already invited you, or if I need to do that. I invited all of the DMS CA group, but it gave me a security error when I tried to invite my entire friends list. That might be because I’m still over 800 friends (haven’t completely purged the game friends from Farmville and other defunct games I used to play).

@Julie-Harris – I sent you a message on FB.

We (Eight Bit Dreams) won’t be there, we’re down in San Antonio through at least Saturday with family. Sorry for any misunderstanding on that.

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What’s the plan for Friday’s set up?

Come in at 5pm, and we’ll start slinging tables.