Maker Camp and more secret sauce items

Three things:

  1. Makercamp is happening and worthy of you checking it out! fun little classes to get you interested in things you never knew you were interested in. OR possibly it sparks you into posting a digital class.

  2. Can someone please go adopt this dog/llama? Link to her awesomeness
    Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 11.43.07 AM

  3. I’m getting married this weekend. Ya, for real. To someone I met at Makerspace! Specifically Kenneth @kpblitzen42 what a lucky guy! Officiated by a best friend who I also made at Makerspace @Adam_Oas! Later on next year I’m in his wedding of someone he met at Makerspace @noblegoblin . What a magic place this is!


Looks like maybe someone did?


Congrats on getting married! I’d love to find my “fit” at makerspace. :slight_smile: do we have a singles thread?? :joy:

It was easier when we had potlucks…

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So are the 4 of you going to offer a class on “How to find your spouse at a Makerspace” after your weddings? :thinking: :joy:

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If someone does, I’m a legal officiant and have performed several ceremonies. If it’s a DMS member, minimal (6 pack of beer) would be required to make it official. After 10 years all of the ceremonies I’ve been an officiant at are still together!

Lets get some DMS legalness going.

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Since I’m divorced, and having read enough of academic journal articles on gender communication…AND having and spent 3 years in a PhD program, I bet I could teach a class on making small talk, roles, boundaries and negotiation. LMAO ugh.


Can someone also teach a class on remedial flirting? The last time I went to a singles mixer, I tried talking to a girl who straight up started laughing at me


Ok…I want to hear this story now! What in the world did you say that caused her to laugh? :thinking: But don’t feel bad. There are lots of us like that at makerspaces all around the country. These spaces tend to attract a certain…ugh…type of person. You are in good company! :joy:

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It was at a stoplight party on Valentine’s Day. She had the green cup, and the green wristband. I just walked up and said “hi, how are you doing?” I was dressed moderately nicely (nice shirt, ironed slacks) and she wasn’t talking to anybody else that I saw


10/10 would take that class!

Nicole knows no boundaries… :grin:

Where was this at?

Bishop Cidercade

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That sucks! I love Bishop Cidercade. I wonder if she was just there supporting a friend and actually had no interest in meeting anyone. :thinking:

It could have been nerves of her own. Or maybe she was just a poor excuse for a human.

I’m a proponent of “talk to people” as a way to meet. The worst that can happen is that they don’t want to be your friend, which can hurt, but I usually get over it, by talking to someone else.


Yep, I have to really agree with this.


I’m pretty sure that she was just a garbage human being. It’s mostly now just a funny story I like to tell people


I agree with you and Adam. If you’re at a dating event, “saying” you’re open, then laughing at a guy is The Last Thing you should do.

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Let’s start one! How do we do it!