Make a set of resin dice- class's are up

I was asked to do some classes on making silicone molds and then resin casting into them. I have set up two 2-part classes for that process. The mold class filled up really fast, but there are 3 spot still open for the resin dice casting class (I have 3 personal molds for class use).

Part 1 (9/16)-

Part 2 (9/17)-


here are some recent dice I’ve made for reference.


Awesome, glad to see someone taking it on.

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Several folks had mentioned the desire for the class and I suggested they reach out to you, but was told you had moved. I hope folks like it as much as your classes :smiley:

Hey, I teach a similar class out here at Maker Nexus is Sunnyvale, CA! Let me know if you would like help with curriculum, I’m happy to share what I have.


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Hey any chance to get on a standby list for this class if anyone cancels? I would love to take part in mold making as well as resin casting.

You are welcome to show up during the Friday classes and see if I get any no shows. Of course there’s no guarantee that will happen, but you are welcome to come and see. I generally give about a 15 minute wait for any no shows before I give their spots away.