Magic Leap Demo - Interest?


I asked about a Magic Leap technology demo at DMS and they ARE interested in doing this kind of event. This can happen at DMS, but they’d like to get an idea of the number of people who might show up.

I know… date matters, time matters, etc… but if we schedule a demo night at DMS, would you attend? Do you personally know others (even non-members) that you think would be likely to attend too?

My biggest concern would be that too many people show up and they wouldn’t have enough demo devices to give everyone a turn - we could solve that with a registration web site, I suppose. Also, what is the max number of people that can comfortably attend an event at DMS? I’m thinking 50 in the lecture room?

Also, is there an existing, standing meeting where a group is meeting regularly and this would be the topic for that meeting? If so, when and how many people typically attend?


I’m interested. It sounds cool.


I am also very interested.


The calendar system allows you to specify a limit on the number of people who can register. But that means you will need someone at the door the check names.

Or do it the old fashioned way. When you think the room is full enough, post a sign and close the door.


I’m interested and my 2 teen-age boys would be too.


Very interested and know a few non members that would “leap” at the chance to demo it.


This is what they need to move forward and do this:
Some options for dates, a description of the community/audience and expected numbers, a description of what a typical meeting is like (for a regularly scheduled group) and what we’d like to learn about.

I can get that in the hands of the head of marketing to be considered. They are looking for opportunities like this to connect with people in communities around the country.

Would anyone like to help me spearhead/plan this effort? I can also leave it in someone else’s hands (Digital media chair?) to run with from here.


@motopilot lets talk next time your at the space. Maybe we can do a joint project with Digital Media.


Is this to be looked at from a strictly hobbyist aspect? I work in DOOH (Digital out of Home) which encompasses AR/MR/VR over various platforms so some of my interest is with commercial applications.


They’d likely rather promote the commercial aspects, although that sometimes starts with hobbyists… We can make the meeting what we want though.


Just an update on this. The company I work for bought one, and I’m working on getting my hands on it for a few days. When I do, I’ll post a time when I’ll take it to the space, but it could be short notice.


We recently got two at work as well. I can bring them in any time just let me know a good time and can make it happen.


Is the “shared” view available yet? I haven’t followed too close but saw that on their roadmap.


Not sure if people are still interested but I brought home 2 magic leaps this weekend from work. I plan on being at the space to help paint tomorrow morning for a bit, and can demo ML around 12:30.


I am definitely interested.


Count me in.


Id like to try it out


Currently in the conference room. C’mon down.


It was interesting. My first try on magic leap.


Was there for a few hours but if there’s more interest I can bring them back out at some time.