Macrocrystalline Success!

This past month, some groovy folks have been making pots, stands and drip trays so we could do a funky macro crystal glaze experimentation. Today we cracked the kiln, nervously, to see if we managed to make the chemistry, construction and firing all come together just right. And…partial success! Which is pretty on target for these touchy glazes. I’m counting it as a win.

I highly encourage people to post luxurious glamour shots of their work once we crack off the stands and drip trays. Here are a few quick picks of in-progress work:


And to keep it honest…

Some abject failure, lol. Such is the pottery life.


Wow some beautiful result posted…Not sure I’d call the other a failure :slight_smile:

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My utensil holder? :worried:?

Is this it?


Yes! :smile: Yay :blush: I got some good ones!


That’s gorgeous! Thank you for posting this impressive experiment. Love the look of this.

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Thanks for sharing @cmcooper0! I think I may try this in the future!

Beautiful results!