Machining Lecture Series


As you may know - learning to machine can be difficult. You either attend a trade school or get an apprenticeship (better known as slave labor). In an effort to provide solid education on the subject I’ve posted the first of two lectures on general machining concepts for January and they should pop up soon. This will be an 8-10 wk series (depending on the success of the lectures) covering a wide variety of ideas and will grow to use the machines in the shop. I will likely only offer this series 1-2 times a year. There will be no charge for these classes. Here’s the general description:

This will be part of a multi-part lecture series covering many of the concepts behind Machining. Whether you want to get started or get better at machining this class is for you. This is not a machine access class. It is about how to approach your project before you put it on the machine with the goals of doing it right, doing it accurately, and doing it safely. These lectures will follow the same protocols found in college level classes. All class subjects will be independent of the other classes so It will NOT be necessary to have taken any other classes to attend. Series will last 8-10 lectures. Some lectures will include demos in the machine shop.


I’m in! :blankspace:


Excellent! This is exactly what I was looking for.


I’d be interested schedule permitting.


This is a great idea and I will do my best to attend I want to know that the tools can do
even if I can t manage to use them


awesome! can these be on a work friendly time?


I’m in.


it’s friendly to my work. does that count?